Ion Channels in Biomembranes and Their Mimics: A Bioelectrochemical-Biophysical Approach

This volume provides a unified treatment that interprets the salient features of the experimental relationship between the structure and function of ion channels. This treatment encompasses both the voltage-gated ion channels in charge of excitable membranes and the smaller antimicrobial peptide ion channels. The book requires only an understanding of basic physical chemistry and mathematics, and will be accessible to graduate students, research workers, and teachers in biophysics, bioelectrochemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, physiology, bioanalytical chemistry, and related disciplines. It provides insights into the basic principles required to understand why and how a combination of electrophysiological and electrochemical concepts and tools is essential in clarifying the mode of ion transport across biomembranes through ion channels. In this respect, this book bridges the gap arising from the difficulties encountered by biologists in understanding concepts of electrochemistry, and vice-versa, to the benefit of all life scientists.

Rolando Guidelli is a retired Professor from Florence University, Italy, having obtained his degree in Chemistry from the same institution in 1963. His scientific interests have focused on electrode kinetics, the structure of the metal/water interface, bioelectrochemistry and biophysics. He is the author of over 240 scientific papers in various international journals and 12 books. He is the editor of the volume Electrified Interfaces in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and the author of the book Bioelectrochemistry of Biomembranes and Biomimetic Membranes.

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