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    "This is a great introduction to living with Type 1 diabetes both for healthcare professionals and people living with the condition. It covers all aspects of day-to-day management, including how to get the best out of the latest technology available. [A Guide to Type 1 Diabetes Management, Technology, and Everything Else You Need to Know is an] invaluable book that is highly recommended."

    - Chris Askew OBE, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK

Labelling-Based Information Management Systems in Disasters and Emergencies

This volume provides a theoretical background for studies on the labelling of disaster victims in disasters and emergencies and to protect the information revealed during the entire response process. It will be of interest to researchers working on disaster management and emergency management, especially in data and information management. In addition to storing and transmitting information to be obtained in all processes related to disaster victims, information processing, and artificial intelligence techniques that will assist in obtaining more information about disaster victims are also discussed here.

Mehmet Sinan Başar is an Associated Professor at the Open Education Faculty of Atatürk University Erzurum, Turkey. He has published a number of journal articles and book chapters, and his research focuses on management information systems.

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M. Fatih Alaeddinoglu

Atıf Bayramoğlu

Ferhat Bozkurt

Fatma Çakmak

Ayça Çalbay

Gülşen Çığşar

Emre Çintaş

Handan Çitçi

Mehmet Nuri Koçak

Kemak Koçak

Sinan Kul

Murat Özdemir

Hilal Kübra Sağlam

Ali Utku Şahin

Emrah Şimşek

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