Dealing with Nearsightedness during Development (and Post-Development)

Orthoculogy or ortho C is a neurological treatment for nearsightedness. It is effective for children and adolescents who became myopic and were treated during their development. The book is for parents interested in treating their children who became nearsighted and for eye care specialists who may be interested in treating younger myopic clients. It will also appeal to adults who became nearsighted during development but decided to treat it during post-development. The book is also interest to anyone who became nearsighted during post-development and decided to treat it before it got worse. In these latter cases, the correctable range is lower due to the possible interference of other refractive errors at this stage.

John William Yee is currently working towards his research doctorate from the University of Liverpool, UK. He received his postgraduate degree in Developmental Psychology from Athabasca University and Yorkville University, Canada. He also graduated from Saint Mary’s University, University of Waterloo, Ryerson University, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and Centennial College, Canada, where he studied psychology, philosophy, economics, mechanical engineering, auto mechanics, and optometry. He served as a Professor in the Optical Science Faculty at Seneca College, Canada. He has written numerous journal papers on the relationship between neurology and optometry in the treatment of refractive errors. He has also written a number of books on various subjects, including dealing with bullies, shedding excess weight, and the stock market.

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