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Visual, Material and Textual Cultures of Food and Drink in China, 200 BCE-1900 CE

This collection of essays examines aspects of the history of food and drink in China through an innovative, interdisciplinary lens. Arranged in chronological and thematic order, the chapters present the research of a diverse group of international scholars and cover subjects ranging from Han period tomb paintings, jade goblets used for ceremonial elixirs and pottery figurines of kitchen servants, to Tang gold vessels, Ming porcelain wine cups and 18th century imperial tea houses. This volume can therefore be read as a material history of Chinese food and drink through utensils and ingredients such as tea and wine, as well as a developmental survey of drinking and dining practices, food cultures and culinary concepts in historical China. It will appeal to anyone with an interest in Chinese culinary history, Chinese art and archaeology, as well as world food cultures.

Dr Stacey Pierson is Reader in the History of Chinese Ceramics at SOAS University of London, President of the Oriental Ceramic Society and series editor for Histories of Material Culture and Collecting, 1550-1950. She previously served as Curator of the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art at the University of London, which housed the world-renowned Percival David Collection of Chinese Ceramics. She has published widely on aspects of Chinese ceramics and the history of collecting and exhibitions, including Collectors, Collections and Museums: The Field of Chinese Ceramics in Britain: 1560-1960 (2007), Chinese Ceramics: a Design History (2009) and “The Movement of Chinese Ceramics: Appropriation in Global History” in Journal of World History (2012). In 2013, she published From Object to Concept: Global Consumption and the Transformation of Ming Porcelain and, in 2017, Private Collecting, Exhibitions and the Shaping of Art History in London: the Burlington Fine Arts Club, 1866-1950.

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Ivy Chan

Yi Chen

Nicole Chiang

Hajni Elias

Anne Gerritsen

Chun-I Lin

James C. S. Lin

LIAO Pao-Show

ZHAO Rongguang

Rosemary Scott

Q. Edward Wang

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