The Impact of Employees' Behaviour in the Workplace

The rapid development of economic globalisation has caused enterprises to have a higher demand for high-quality employees in order to achieve competitive advantages. This has brought a significant challenge to human resource management. As employees are the imperative group in enterprises for gaining profit and maintaining regular operation, it is critical to raise their enthusiasm for work. Their creativity and subjective initiative could be fully activated, and the profit determination would increase if the appropriate motivating methods were utilised.

As such, this collection offers detailed insights into these issues. It scrutinises how motivation, leadership, corporate values, and organisational identity have an affirmative and significant consequence on organisational citizenship behaviour and corporate human resource management, and how organisational identity plays an intermediary role in an organisation.

Emrah Atar is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Turkey. He obtained his PhD in Development Policy and Management at the Global Development Institute of the University of Manchester, UK, with a focus on the impact of the refugee crisis on public service delivery in hosting countries such as Turkey. He has published one book, in addition to several book chapters and articles, and is an Assistant Executive Editor of the Political Reflection Magazine and Field Editor of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Food Studies.

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Emrah Atar

Luyang Jiang

Jiaxuan Li

Xin Ping

Xuening Shi

Bingyu Wang

Qing Zheng

Mingfeng Zhu

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