Postcolonial Representation of the African Woman in the Selected Works of Ngugi and Adichie

Until the lives and issues of African women arrived on the agenda of postcolonial writers, African women, who continued their lives under double colonization by patriarchy and dominant powers, did not have much standing in literary works and in the world of literature. Postcolonial African women have often been represented as weak, subaltern, and speechless by western writers, and have even been underrepresented by some postcolonial writers. This book shows how the African woman, who is usually represented in clichéd and stereotyped forms, is depicted a versatile way in Ngugi and Adichie’s novels.

Eren Bolat is a Lecturer in the School of Foreign Languages at Hitit University, Turkey, having received his PhD from the Department of English Language and Literature from Erciyes University, Turkey. His works focus specifically on postcolonial and African women studies in the literary canon.

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