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    - Professor David Zilberman, University of California at Berkeley

Speech Perception and Production in L2

This book is concerned with studying speech perception and production in an L2. It deals with segments, syllables, and features above syllable level (the suprasegmental level). The volume brings together careful theoretical and empirical research conducted in different countries, including the United States of America, Greece, Northern Cyprus, Canada, the Republic of Cyprus, Israel, and Spain.

Elena Kkese holds a PhD in Linguistics, an MA in Applied Linguistics, and a BA in English Language and Literature, and has taught at a tertiary level since 2007. She is the author of Identifying Plosives in L2 English and L2 Writing Assessment, and has published extensively on L2 phonology, spelling, and writing.

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Noam Amir

Elena Babatsouli

Sandie Barrie Blackley

Giulia Cortiana

Photini Coutsougera

Dimitra Dimitriou

Pagona-Niki Efstathopoulou

Do─ču Erdener

Georgios P. Georgiou

Sviatlana Karpava

Elena Kkese

Vita Kogan

Efrat Last

Nitzan Bechar Marom

Shira Matalon

Sapir Shemesh

Olga Tararova

Noa Vittenberg

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