Creative Activism Research, Pedagogy and Practice

This collection explores the growing global recognition of creativity and the arts as vital to social movements and change. Bringing together diverse perspectives from leading academics and practitioners who investigate how creative activism is deployed, taught, and critically analysed, it delineates the key parameters of this emerging field.

Dr Elspeth Tilley teaches theatre and creative activism at Massey University in New Zealand, and is a multi-award-winning playwright. She has led numerous performative social change projects including on youth incarceration, sexual consent and homelessness. Elspeth produces Climate Change Theatre Action Aotearoa and founded Create1World, a creative activism youth conference.

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Deniz Başar

Karen Berger

Kelly Ka-Lai Chan

Jaz Hee-Jeong Choi

Rosemary (Rosa) Cisneros

Tui Nicola Clery

Gretchen Coombs

Liz Cunningham

Gabrielle Donnelly

Alison East

Christopher Falliers

Moira Fortin

Simone Gabriel

April-Rose Geers

Paula Guzzanti

Silas Harrebye

Daniel Harris

Penny Hay

Jenny Haycocks

Nicholas Holm

Imogen Holmes-Roe

Helen Johnson

Colette F. Keen

Paul Kleiman

Heike Kuhlmann

Rowan Mackenzie

Adam Marcus

Julie McNamara

Robin Metcalfe

Nela Milić

Alfonso Montuori

Tracey Nicholls

Gemma París

Jo Richler

Leslie Carol Roberts

Rob Roznowski

Michael Ruderman

Cia Sautter

Theron Schmidt

Elspeth Tilley

Lucy Turner

Piotr Woycicki

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Release Date: 14th March 2022

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