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Using Language Learning Materials: Theory and Practice

This volume centres on the domain in materials research that is the least investigated: how language teachers and learners use materials. Issues such as how the use of materials by teachers and learners inform materials writers, whether and how teachers’ perspectives influence how they perceive and enact materials, and what are the factors that contribute to teachers’ use of both traditional and innovative textbooks are discussed here. The volume also addresses some of the theoretical frameworks that inform materials use, and will advance the readers' understanding of this promising area of materials research. It will appeal to postgraduate students, teachers, materials developers, and researchers.

Claudia Fernández is Clinical Assistant Professor of Spanish and Director of the Spanish Basic Language Program at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Her research focuses on materials research, task-based language teaching, and the acquisition of grammar, and her work has been published in Hispania, The Language Educator, Folio, and Studies in Second Language Acquisition. She is the co-author of Aula en acción (Difusión), a beginner-level textbook to learn Spanish in higher education.

Adon Berwick is currently an independent scholar. His doctoral research is a sociological investigation of the adaptation of a global EFL listening coursebook to a local context and the use of that coursebook in a university classroom. He has co-authored a number of papers in the fields of materials use, as well as the sociology of education.

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Asma Aftab

Claudia Fernández

Tamas Kiss

Ji Li

Umar Muhammad-Gombe

Claudia Saraceni

Susanna Schwab

Tony Waterman

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