Acceptance and Usage of Technology through the Digital User Experience

The contemporary world is characterized by the massive use of digital communication platforms and services that allow people to stay in touch with each other and their organizations. This digital transformation has changed marketing in an unpredictable way. However, despite a great deal of investigation in this regard, digital transformation and its impact on consumer behaviour still require exploration. This book sheds light on the challenges and solutions for companies when dealing with the online consumer on social media and in the era of Web 4.0. It investigates the digital transformation in terms of customer experience, customer empowerment, resistance, influencer marketing, and trust. The volume shows how consumers perceive, react and behave towards brands’ digital marketing strategies in addition to the barriers, constraints, advantages and modes of action of online consumers.

Nedra Bahri-Ammari is an Associate Professor of Marketing, responsible for the Research Master’s in Marketing at IHEC of Carthage, Tunisia. Her research focus is customer relationships management (CRM), social-CRM, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, web 4.0, tourism marketing, and tourism behavior. She has published her work in a number of journals and edited volumes. She is also the author of a book on CRM and loyalty strategy.

Imene Ben Yahia is an Associate Professor in Marketing and Head of the Marketing Management Department at the High School of Business of ESC Tunis, Tunisia. She received her PhD from Paris Dauphine University, and she is also a member of the master supervising team at HEC Paris in Qatar. Her research interests include customer relationships management, digital marketing, virtual communities, social media, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence. She has published her work in a number of journals, including the Journal of Decision Systems, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, and Journal of High Technology Management Research, among others.

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Abdulaziz al Mohannadi

Nesrine Ben Amor

Nedra Bahri-Ammari

Lina Barbouchi

Ghada Chourou

Lilia el Ferci

Ben Mansour Kaouther

Aya Kbaier

Said Narjess

Darraji Nawress

Bouslema Neji

Khouloud Oueslati

Lina Smali

Imene Ben Yahia-Boumaiza

Laajimi Yasmine

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