Origins of Capitalism and Jewish Ethics: The Thought of Werner Sombart

Origins of Capitalism and Jewish Ethics: The Thought of Werner Sombart

This book focuses on the religious origins of the spirit of capitalism through the thought of Werner Sombart. It offers a critical analysis of the link he makes between Jewish ethics and the spirit of capitalism. Sombart’s exploration of this topic has not found, to this day, adequate representation in the literature. As such, this book analyses the origins of capitalism through a materialistic and spiritual approach, thus offering an unprecedented methodological and epistemological path.

It brings to light a different, little-investigated, avenue of exploration followed by the social processes that have governed the relationship between economy and religion, in the belief that this can generate new cognitive and development perspectives for contemporary capitalism.

Ilaria Iannuzzi, PhD, is Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer in General Sociology and Sociology of Modern and Contemporary Processes at the Department of Political Sciences of Sapienza University of Rome. She has published more than 25 journal articles and book chapters, and is also the author of La fiducia paga. Quando le relazioni generano valore [Trust Pays: When Relationships Generate Value] (2016) and the co-author of Smart Society: A Sociological Perspective on Smart Living (2020).

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