Literature and Nature

Literature and Nature

During the last few decades, there has been remarkable progress in research on various aspects of literature and nature. Different fields have been explored in this regard, though there remain many fields yet to be explored. This book explores how nature plays an important role in the development of personality, looking at both its positive and negative effects. It also considers how literature has rightly portrayed the reality of a culture through its fictitious characters. The book will fulfil the needs of students, teachers, researchers, and all stakeholders who are engaged in eco-feministic studies.

Dr Tawhida Akhter received her PhD from the Lovely Professional University, India, and is an Assistant Professor of English at Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia. She is actively involved in various fields of research, especially women empowerment, child emancipation, cultural diaspora, eco-feminism, and eco-criticism. She is the author of the book Women in Chains and Tears: Subjugation within Family, as well as about 20 research papers, review articles, and book chapters.

Dr Tariq Ahmad Bhat received his MSc and PhD from Aligarh Muslim University, India, and currently serves as Lecturer of Botany in the Department of Education of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, India. He is engaged in active research of molecular biology, mutation breeding, and genetic improvement of legumes and medicinal plants. He has published six books and 90 research papers, and has participated in a number of conferences and workshops. He received the Government of India’s Best Innovative Science Teacher Award in 2014.

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