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Organizational Behavior and Management in Family Businesses

Family firms constitute more than 80% of businesses and employ 60% of the workforce worldwide. This book presents valuable insights about how these firms operate and how their employees feel. It explores HR management issues, family integration as a source of competitive advantage, the financial management practices of family firms. In addition to offering a comprehensive analysis of managerial issues in family businesses, it also provides state of the art findings about these challenges.

Omer Yazici is an Assistant Professor at Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Turkey, having received his PhD from Jackson State University, USA, in 2017. His research interests include management, family businesses, human resource management, and organizational behavior and strategy. He has authored and co-authored many research articles and book chapters about family businesses, and is the Editor of Business Management: An International Journal.

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Gülbeniz Akduman

Abdulkadir Altınsoy

Işık Altunal

Münevver Bayar

Özgür Çark

Meziyet Sema Erdem

Mursel Guler

Zeynep Hatipoğlu

Kerem Kaptangil

Ahmet Kaya

Hüseyin Ocal

Mert Oner

Kadir Ozdemir

Osman Özdemir

Ahmet Turan Öztürk

Erhan Polat

İlhan Sağ

Ismail Simsir

Nuran Varışlı

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