Innovation beyond Fiction: An Imaginative Play with Mathematics

This book is about mathematics in the management of innovation, showing how recent advances in mathematics help us grasp and support innovation as a social activity of thinking and imagining together. It will make the reader rethink both innovation and mathematics by having them interplay in practical organizational settings.

Told as fiction to make its argument more accessible, the book is nonetheless grounded in theoretical reflections and recent mathematical advances. In recounting the adventures of a committed and enthusiastic inventor-designer hampered by the increasing industrial bureaucratization of his world, it accounts for the fate of many innovation processes in large companies and administrations.

Successful innovation hinges on having everyone involved in the process share a space of conceptual exploration. This philosophical aspect of the innovation process is about collective imagination, a notion that customary styles of thought have great difficulty dealing with. This is where mathematics, of a new kind, might prove to be a new platform for better management of innovation.

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Mathias Béjean is Associate Professor of Strategy and Innovation Management at the Université Paris Est Créteil and a member of the research lab at the university’s Institute of Management Research. His own work focuses on the relationships between innovation, design and strategic management. Particularly interested in philosophical and formal approaches to design theory, he has developed a theoretical approach to design processes, known as D-MES, with the mathematician Andrée Ehresmann, a specialist in category theory. He has published numerous articles in various peer-reviewed journals and also teaches innovation by design at the Eiffel School of Management and the ENSCI Les Ateliers School of Design.

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