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Josefu Mutesa leads a quiet life in Banff where he part owns a bookshop and with the help of friends is slowly recovering. He had been in Rwanda, "Land of the Thousand Hills" in 1994 as a UN official during the aftermath of the genocide to report the events that had occurred there. The magnitude of political treachery and human betrayal caused him to break down and he was evacuated to Canada.

Now, some years later, Josefu receives a long distance call that jolts him from his numbed existence. He decides to drive the Trans Canada highway to Winnipeg to visit friends and uses the trip to try to remember his time in Rwanda and face his demons.

Crossing the prairies accompanied by ghosts that demand their stories be heard, he embarks on a parallel journey between time and place that is both exhiliarating and harrowing. Occasionally the two seem to merge.

This is his story.

DR. TAMARA DRAGADZE Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology(Kent) Dr of Philosophy in Social Anthropology (Oxon)

She is a third generation British scholar and writer with more than 50 publications, mostly in Caucasian Studies and ethnic theory. Also specialised in the Great Lakes Region, especially Rwanda. She lives in London.

Previous position: Lecturer in Social and Political Anthropology, has held positions such as Research Fellow at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, Univeristy of London, Assistant Director of the Centre for Caucasian and Central Asian Studies.

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Release Date: 11th July 2022

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