Jacques Maritain in the 21st Century: Personalism and the Political Organization of the World

From his rebellious youth through his yearning for sainthood as one of the 20th century’s leading Christian philosophers, the quest for liberation defines Jacques Maritain (1882-1973). Throughout the 20th century, Maritain rejected the egocentric isolation rampant throughout liberal society, as well as totalitarian collectivism. Maritain promoted the human person, open by way of nature and grace to integral liberation and redemption through authentic community. This book argues that Maritain contributes to our understanding in the 21st century of the myriad, yet coalescing, movements seeking to address global economic sustainability, the fostering of human rights and participatory democracy. Through a series of papers published over the course of more than 20 years, from the tail-end of the 20th century through the first decades of the 21st century, Maritain’s social and political thought engages contemporary thinkers and movements with penetrating insight.

Walter Schultz is Auxiliary Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy at the Dominican University College, Canada, and has served for seven years as President of the Canadian Jacques Maritain Association and Editor of the association’s journal, Études maritainiennes/Maritain Studies. He received his PhD in Western Religious Thought from McMaster University, Canada, and has given courses in religious studies and philosophy at universities in Canada and the United States. Dr Schultz developed and implemented in Ontario, Canada, a senior-level philosophy program based on the work of Jacques Maritain. His publications are primarily concerned with education and the relevance of Maritain’s thought for contemporary society and politics.

“[This is a] clear and exciting journey with and beyond Jacques Maritain’s options on justice. While doing justice to these, Walter Schultz highlights their importance for both individuals and communities in the 21st century, without sacrificing the one for the other! It is an enticing invitation to revisit Maritain!”
Maxime Allard, O.P.
Full Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, Dominican University College, Canada

“Bridging the divide between Jews and Christians, and between Judaism and Christianity, has been an ongoing process since World War II. Walter Schultz reveals the relevance and potential impact of the thinking of Jacques Maritain upon this process. He shows how Maritain recognized the essential role of Israel, including the modern State of Israel, and the Jewish people in his notion of “the political organization of the world.” And finally, Dr Schultz engages with the emerging role of Messianic Judaism within the Jewish-Christian conversation, and its relevance to the thought of Maritain. He provides a groundbreaking discussion that should help Christians and Jews reach a deeper understanding of each other, and the part each plays in the divine economy.”
Rabbi Russ Resnik
Editor, Kesher: A Journal of Messianic Judaism; co-author, Besorah: The Resurrection of Jerusalem and the Healing of a Fractured Gospel

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