Diplomacy in Taiwan

Diplomacy in Taiwan

This book determines what roles business people in Taiwan have actually played in the development of economic diplomacy for Taiwan. It shows that they did nothing to prevent the crisis of 1995–1996, and that it was only when the US intervened that the crisis subsided. The book looks at the impact of the international system on the economic diplomacy of Taiwan, and represents a major contribution to the field of international relations by explicating a three-level analysis of the external relations of Taiwan. Using a bottom-up approach, it explains the activities of business people in Taiwan and clarifies their influence beyond Taiwan. The book argues that such activities have significant economic impacts and that their influence cannot be ignored.

Dr Booker C.K. Liaw is Assistant Professor in the Department of Business and Management at Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology. His research interests are broadly in the study of international political economy, with a focus on the issues of Taiwanese businesspeople and entrepreneurs in mainland China. He is the author of “State and Business in Taiwan’s Economic Diplomacy in the Lee Teng-hui Administration and Implications for Current Cross-Straits Relations” in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Vol. 29, No. 2; “Taiwan’s Economic Diplomacy in Vietnam from the 1990s to the Early Twenty-First Century” in East Asia 29(4); and “Double-Track Decision-Making and the Failure of Taiwan’s Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Centre Plan in the 1990s” in Tamkang Journal of International Affairs, 13(1).

“Notwithstanding the limitations established by the PRC’s ‘One China’ principle, Liaw identifies the many different ways in which Taiwanese international actors—and not least, from the business community—conduct their overseas affairs. Does it all add up to a form of non-state diplomacy? Liaw will try and convince you that it does.”
Shaun Breslin
Professor of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick, UK

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