The Representation of Ideologies in Electronic Media for Children and Young Adults

This book provides the latest critical research in relation to the representations of ideologies in electronic media, including TV cartoons, animation, videos, and computer and video games, which are designed for children and young adults. As such, the book will appeal to general readers, including undergraduates, researchers, professionals, and anyone who is interested in cultural studies, literary studies, the humanities, and sociology, particularly ideology and discourse studies.

Nilay Erdem Ayyıldız is currently an Associate Professor at Fırat University, Turkey. She holds an MA from Fırat University and a PhD from Atılım University, Turkey. She is the author of the books British Children’s Adventure Novels in the Web of Colonialism (2018) and The Exercise of Biopower through Race and Class in the Harry Potter Series (2020), and her areas of interest are Victorian and children’s literature and postcolonial and gender studies.

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Nilay Erdem Ayyıldız

Serap Atasever Belli

Niğmet Çetiner

Hilal Kaya

Gülten Silindir Keretli

Tridib Khan

Süheyla Demirkol Orak

Ebru Şenocak

Saša Simović

Sibel Söğüt

Olga Vojičić-Komatina

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Release Date: 13th December 2021

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