A Philosophical Look at Social Justice in Saint Augustine’s City of God

A Philosophical Look at Social Justice in Saint Augustine’s City of God

This book promotes a social justice approach that emphasizes social relations, human desires, and lifestyles, demonstrating that Saint Augustine’s thinking is still relevant today when reflecting on ethical choices that allow the permanence of social bonds. It also investigates the conceptual underpinnings of “social justice” in modern and contemporary political philosophy, drawing on ideas from Machiavelli, Arendt, Polanyi, and Foucault, as well as Western Marxist and Postmodern perspectives, to emphasize the significance of Augustine’s ethics.

The complexity of 21st century social and economic problems necessitates a thorough reworking of conceptual political philosophy outlooks in a context of unprecedented political and environmental concerns. This book will result in significant progress toward a philosophy of social justice by renewing the relationship between political life and ethical choices oriented to social well-being. To address social justice, we must be able to reinterpret social challenges from new perspectives. The dialogue between Saint Augustine and relevant political philosophers allows for a discussion that may lead to the development of new frameworks and answers. This book certainly prepares the reader for current, real-world social justice debates.

Maria Alejandra Madi holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy and a PhD in Economics. Her academic career has included positions as a Professor at the State University of Campinas, Brazil, and the Green Economics Institute, UK. Alongside her studies of Patristics and early Christian writers, her current research focuses on contemporary economic, social, and political challenges in light of philosophical reflections on ethical scientific knowledge. She is the author of The Dark Side of Nudges, A Philosophical Look at Keynes and Hayek: Semiotic Paths to Complexity, and Private Equity Globalisation: Ethical Business Challenges.

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