The Digital Generation Reaches Maturity: Brave New World Wide Web

The Digital Generation Reaches Maturity: Brave New World Wide Web

Based on a selection of scholarly investigations undertaken during the past decade, this book provides an outline of the changing landscape of international business and consumer behaviour, in the light of ongoing disruption caused by digital disruption and the post-pandemic conditions. It highlights a number of key factors that have shaped (and continue to do so) the business world and society as a whole. The focus here is on identifying and explaining emerging trends in the field of business management and consumer behaviour, paying attention to the influence of context (both national and corporate) and ‘generation belonging’. This knowledge is necessary for a better understanding of the changing world, and for developing digital products and services that meet the evolving needs of individuals and businesses.

Jessica Lichy holds postdoctoral ‘HDR’, PhD and MBA degrees in Online/Digital Consumer Behaviour. She is employed as a Research Professor at IDRAC Business School, France, in addition to working at international partner universities as a research-active Visiting Professor. Her research interests include Big Data and digital transformation from an end-user perspective and business modelling. Her research-in-progress includes tracing the co-evolution of the consumption of social technologies and emerging trends in technology-enhanced living. She also guest-edits special issues for various journals, organises research conferences with international partner institutions, and actively develops a number of collaborative academic projects for funding applications.

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