Concepts and Dialogues across Shifting Spaces in International Business

Concepts and Dialogues across Shifting Spaces in International Business

This volume explores how the promotion, marketing, and branding of culture have led to the development of economic strategies through creative industries and cultural tourism. It considers how culture-based initiatives can be used to boost the creation of business opportunities and enhance added value to the economy. The book also contextualizes intercultural western and non-western theories, paradigms, and practices, in order to sustain independent, ecological, and critical methodologies for business. By articulating principles, theories, structures, performances, and aesthetics across different cultures and communication channels, the networks of cultural codes and practices emerge and are critically observed, blurring conceptual frontiers and challenging conventional criteria of cultural and business legitimation.

Clara Sarmento received her PhD in Portuguese Culture from the University of Porto, and holds an aggregation in Cultural Studies. She is a Tenured Full Professor at the Polytechnic of Porto, where she is also the founder and Director of the Centre for Intercultural Studies. Her research interests include contemporary literature, intercultural business, cultural tourism for sustainable development, street art, and gender studies.

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Rita Alegria

Pedro Andrade

Margarida Azevedo

Óscar Bernardes

Luisa Bravo Lamas

Charize de Oliveira Hortmann

Alcina de Sena Portugal Dias

Marco Furtado

Junko Kobayashi

Marco Lamas

Rebeca Cristina López-González

Alexandre Monteiro

Geisa Oliveira Daré

Sara Cerqueira Pascoal

Joana Rocha

Bárbara Santos

Clara Sarmento

Laura Tallone

Isabel Torres

Susana Vaz Freitas

Linda Viswat

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