A Comparative Analysis of Violence in Margaret Drabble and Four Selected Iraqi Novels

This book is the first work comparing Margaret Drabble with key Iraqi novelists. It analyses physical and soft violence in Drabble’s novels and the works of four Iraqi contemporary novelists, including Ahmed Saadawi’s Frankenstein in Baghdad (2013). The book argues that physical and soft violence are interwoven and interconnected, meaning that, where there is physical violence, there is nearly always soft violence and, though to a lesser extent, vice versa. Thus, soft violence can cause just as much damage, psychologically or literally, as hard violence.

Bushra Juhi Jani is a Lecturer of English at Al-Nahrain University, Iraq. She received her PhD in English Literature from the University of Sheffield, UK, in 2018. She has published a number of research papers on Margaret Drabble and contemporary Iraqi novels, and her research interests lie in the areas of English and Iraqi novels, movie studies, creative writing and translation. She co-authored the translation of an anthology of Iraqi short stories, which brought together ten Iraqi storytellers (2019).

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