Case Studies for Intercultural and Conflict Communication

Case Studies for Intercultural and Conflict Communication

Case method teaching has long been recognized for its educational value. In classes, workshops, and seminars where case studies are used effectively, discussion participants gain knowledge and become more proficient in analyzing information. Case learning also increases tolerance for ambiguity and fosters deeper understanding of complicated issues. Beyond basic-level memorization of concepts and definitions, case learning encourages participants to engage in perspective-taking while analyzing and evaluating the communication behaviors of characters. Case learning promotes exploration of complex problems in ways that are creative, interactive, and engaging for both case learners and case facilitators.

This book is a compilation of original case studies on topics spanning intercultural communication, organizational communication, and conflict resolution. Core concepts in conflict studies, such as shared interests, conflict styles, and power currencies, are narratively presented in dynamic interplay, and discussion participants are compelled to think critically about their implications. Moreover, abstract concepts and policies pertinent to intercultural relations, like intercultural communication competence and affirmative action policies, are presented in the form of concrete characters in situated realities, encouraging case learners to consider the particulars (people), as well as the principles (ethics and laws). For the case learner, the highest level of thinking is required: core concepts must be learned, synthesized, applied, and critically examined in discussing the case.

Kelly L. McKay-Semmler, PhD, is a former Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of South Dakota, USA, where she taught for 12 years. She has published her research in Communication Monographs and Human Communication Research, and served as the assistant editor of the three-volume International Encyclopedia of Intercultural Communication (2018). She has served as secretary of the International Academy for Intercultural Research (IAIR) and as a member representative on the IAIR board of directors. Dr McKay-Semmler has since transitioned from the role of communication researcher to that of practitioner within the healthcare field, and is currently training to be a registered nurse and nursing educator.

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