Ecocriticism in Malayalam

Ecocriticism in Malayalam

The global trend in the scholarly field of ecocriticism (or, broadly, environmental humanities) is shifting towards localized sub-areas. This shift has been instrumental in canonizing local, subaltern, postcolonial, and unheard voices in ecocriticism. Such ecocriticism has gained relevant significance in the disciplines of humanities and social sciences, and boldly displays diverse ecocultural perspectives on communities, societies, languages and literatures—all of these being distinctly different from each other. Weaving a unique, ecocritical narrative from the rich literary and cultural texts belonging Kerala, this volume presents several ecocritical perspectives, written by award-winning writers in Malayalam.

G. Madhusoodanan entered the Indian Administrative Service in 1976, after completing his Masters in Botany. He is the Founder Director General of the World Institute of Sustainable Energy, Pune, a non-profit, non-governmental organization. A distinctive voice in contemporary Malayalam criticism, his critical interventions are recognizable for their ecocritical and ecoaesthetic tenor, and for their outstanding contributions to this hitherto neglected area of Malayalam criticism. His major work, Kathayum Paristhithiyum [Story and the Environment] (2000), has won five major literary awards, the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award, the Thayyat Smarka Abudabhi Shakti Award, the Thoppil Ravi Memorial Award, the Dr C. P. Menon Memorial Award, and the Dr M. S. Menon Memorial Award.

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Rayson K. Alex

Alwin Alexander

Reena J Andrews

Mohamuda Beegum

Teny David

Nithya K. Gopi

Gaya Hadiya

Shaji Jacob

Appu John

Nithya Mariam John

Rathi Menon K

Satchin Joseph Koshy

T Anitha Kumary

G. Madhusoodanan

Aleena Manoharan

PS Manojkumar

Asha Menon

NP Mohammed

Arunlal Mokeri

Ajaykumar N

P Pavithran

Cherry Philopose

PPK Pothuval

Mini Prasad

R Narendra Prasad

Sachindev PS

Sheeja Rajagopal

EP Rajagopalan

PK Rajasekharan

EV Ramakrishnan

Deepa S

P Satchidanandan

K. Satchidanandan

VJ Sebastian

P Soman

VC Sreejan

T Sreevalsan

Navaneetha Suresh

Unnikrishnan UK

Irwin Varughese

Sebastian Vattamattam

Rajitha Venugopal

MN Vijayan

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