Business Opportunities

This one-of-a-kind book demonstrates the many ways to conduct successful businesses. It explains the different aspects of business with easy-to-learn, to-the-point explanations with case studies. It guides the reader from the start of a business to the selling of a business and demonstrates how to hire, market, sell product, grow, negotiate, avoid mistakes, and so much more.

Readers are shown how to continually find ways to improve all facets of their business. Demonstrating methods of critical thinking and continual questioning oneself is at the heart of the book’s approach. Every chapter provides the reader with additional essential skills for success and higher earning potential.

Francis D. (Doug) Tuggle earned his BS from MIT and his MS and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He has authored two books and 75 scientific publications, and has served at Pacific Missile Test Range, System Development Corporation, RAND, DuPont, and RWD Technologies.

Chad T. Berl earned his BS in Business Information Technology and Food Science and Technology from Virginia Tech. He is a Senior Consultant with IBM’s Global Business Services (GBS), and previously a Sales Strategist with PepsiCo. He has co-authored eBooks on advanced analytics, the cloud, AI, and cybersecurity solutions.

Seth J. Berl earned dual BS degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from Old Dominion University, USA, and his MA and PhD in Physics from the University of Virginia. He has authored several scientific publications, is the Chief Technology Officer for GovSmart, Inc. specializing in information technology government contracting, and owns Smartec, LLC, which provides enterprise networking and software development consultation services.

Lenny Berl earned his BS in Biology and Chemistry from SUNY Albany, his DDS from New York University, and his JD from Albany Law School. He is an entrepreneur who founded and owned several businesses and healthcare ventures, including the Business Management and Consultant Group, LLC.

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