An Epidemiological Study of Leadership

While there are hundreds of books on leadership, no other book links epidemiological concepts to leadership. Epidemiologists look for treatments by matching the determinants to the disease. As such, this book not only identifies leadership determinants, but also matches research-based antidotes to them at the end of each chapter. The book includes over 550 references on leadership, psychology, epidemiology, management, systems theory, and others, as well as over 60 case studies analyzed to illustrate points about leadership and determinants. Additionally, each chapter includes a list of key terms and concepts, discussion items, and highlights of lessons learned. At the end of the book, there is a section on leadership and motivation theories and models, as well as a section that provides leadership style surveys and assessments that can help readers identify their leadership style, while also becoming aware of what changes in leadership style can improve workplace climate.

Garry W. McGiboney, PhD, is an internationally recognized leadership and psychology expert. He is the author of eight books and over 40 professional journal publications. Dr McGiboney has appeared as an expert on CNN, The Discovery Channel, National Public Radio, Nickelodeon Network, and many other media channels. He has been quoted in Time Magazine, USA Today, and other major news outlets, including the international press. He is also a frequent speaker at state, national, and international conferences, and has received numerous awards and commendations for his work and research.

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