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Diversity and Inclusion in Educational Institutions

Today’s educational landscape requires practitioners to move from a teacher-centric to a more inclusive and student-centric approach. To address the diverse needs of students, educators must understand the challenges they face, and learn how to address them. This volume highlights the significance of diversity and inclusion practices in educational institutions.

Dr Fawzia Reza is the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty at the American College of Education. She has published extensively on social justice issues, and is an advocate for the inclusion of minorities, immigrants, and marginalized populations. Her interests include early childhood education, parental involvement, and teaching diverse learners.

“Diversity and Inclusion in Educational Institutions presents a masterful collection of inspiring perspectives, practices, and insights on inclusion and diversity in a variety of educational contexts. It is a resource for exploring institutional and micro interventions aimed at developing opportunities, capacities, and tools through equitable change for a fairer and more harmonious society. The expertly crafted chapters are useful for academics, researchers, and advocators of social justice seeking to optimize impact through transformative educational experiences worldwide.”
Dr Mashail Haydar Ali
Director of Languages and Cultural Studies, Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford

“In contrast with myriads of outdated and oversimplified texts in use, Diversity and Inclusion in Educational Institutions invites multiple voices presenting multiple perspectives on creating equitable and just educational paths developed for individual student needs. Understanding that there is not one “ism” nor fix, the authors heartfully present unique contexts within educational curricula to consider for educators working to embrace diverse and inclusive pedagogies.”
Dr Shirley R Steinberg
Research Professor of Critical Youth Studies, University of Calgary;
Senior Editor, Handbook of Critical Pedagogies

“Essential reading for stakeholders in education, this volume offers insights on a wide range of issues in advocating for diversity and inclusive environments. Contributors share ideas on challenges and best practices in inclusive education, underscoring the need to create space for traditionally underserved students.”
Mubina K. Schroeder, PhD
Associate Professor, Molloy College, USA

Nadia Aguilar

Karina Becerra-Murillo

Elizabeth Burke

Emily Caylor

Shandra Claiborne

Sherrayna Coleman

Adriene Davis

Marisol de Lafuente Duff

Harpreet Kaur Dhir

Tony Duff

Janine Gasco

Kenneth Jandes

Grace Jepkemboi

Belinda Karge

Inas Kelly

Erin Maurer

Judith McConnell Mikkelson (McConnell-Farmer)

Cheryl McKnight

Annette Mohan

Mary Patillo-Dunn

Lenore Peachin Wineberg

Fawzia Reza

C. Adrainne Thomas

Gwendolyn Thompson

Sharon Ulanoff

Hillary Weissman

Tina Williams

Yong Zeng

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