Holistic Teacher Education: In Search of a Curriculum for Troubled Times

This collection brings together approaches to the teacher education and preparation curriculum that may be described as holistic. It also discusses teacher education curricula that are reconstructionist and reconceptualist in nature, seeking to shift the trajectory of society through teacher education.

The book serves as an introductory text for the field of holistic curriculum studies, and will open it up to a wider audience.

Dr Rupert Clive Collister has worked in the post-compulsory education sector for over 22 years, and his experience reflects the diversity of the sector in its broadest sense. He received his PhD from the University of New England, Australia, where he explored the interconnections between holistic and transformative learning, Indigenous ways of knowing, and Eastern philosophy.

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Four Arrows

Greg Cajete

Alan Cockerill

Rupert Clive Collister

Sam Crowell

Sam Crowell

Dianthi Fernando

William L. Greene

Dustin Hornbeck

Jeffry King

Peggy Larrick

Cheryl A. MacDonald

Jennifer Markides

John Miller

Sasha Vanessa Nandall

Thomas Poetter

Martyn Rawson

Mirian Vilela

Lorie C. Wright

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