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    "[On the Path to Health, Wellbeing, and Fulfilment: To Your Health] explores health from a variety of perspectives. Interpreting scientific studies and communicating the findings in an easy to understand way is a gift that keeps on giving."

    - Dr Beth Frates, Clinical Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Positive Education and Work: Less Struggling, More Flourishing

What is the meaning of positive education and work? What are the pedagogical premises of well-being? What about the foundations of flourishing at work? Is this knowledge enough for a holistic picture, or is there still a need for some special perspectives of well-being?

This volume is based on the positive psychological research approaches implemented in various research settings that cover the whole lifespan. It critically discusses the idea of positive education and work and their connection to life-long positive development and flourishing from multiple perspectives.

It can serve broadly as a textbook or course literature for education and work-related research studies. It is research-based, and will appeal to educators and researchers in many disciplines, such as the social sciences, social work, educational administration, and leadership, although it will also be of interest to anyone with an interest in positive psychology.

Dr Sanna Hyvärinen, PhD, works as a University Lecturer of Educational Psychology at the University of Lapland, Finland. Her research interests are in teacher training, positive psychology and leadership research. She has wide experience in school development and education projects from elementary education to higher education levels.

Dr Tanja Äärelä, PhD, works as a University Lecturer of Special Education at the University of Lapland, Finland, and is an Adjunct Professor of the University of Eastern Finland. She is Finland’s topmost researcher in hospital school pedagogy, and her research also focuses on special education and pedagogy, home-school collaboration and special support.

Dr Satu Uusiautti, PhD, is a Professor of Education (Educational Psychology) at the University of Lapland, Finland. Her research interests focus on well-being and positive development, human strengths, and success at work. She has also researched success in various contexts, all the way from school to work and leisure from the perspective of positive educational psychology.

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Tanja Äärelä

Linda Dianoff

Jyrki Huusko

Sanna Hyvärinen

Helena Kangastie

Sofia Kari

Salla Karima

Kimmo Kuortti

Outi Kyrö-Ämmälä

Eliisa Leskisenoja

Jorma Liikamaa

Jonna Löf

Elisa Luukinen

Kaarina Määttä

Moona Naakka

Hanna Nurkkala

Ville Pietiläinen

Samuli Ranta

Krista Rautio

Satu Uusiautti

Sanna Wenström

Annamari Ylönen

Tiina Yrjänheikki

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