Insights into Ethical Theory and Practice: Principia Eclectica

Ethical issues hold great importance for all of us, but expert accounts of them are difficult to access for those outside academics. This volume bridges that gap by framing a variety of essays within the field in a way that renders them accessible to experts and non-experts alike.

Many collections on ethics re-publish classic essays and offer contextualization and analysis, while other volumes of emerging, innovative work presuppose a background in the field. This book uniquely borrows from both approaches, offering emerging, innovative work, carefully curating its order for sense, and presenting the work so that non-experts may understand it.

The field of ethics is an eclectic one. Where other collections on ethics may intimidate the reader by representing the field as an organized monolith, or as impenetrable to outsiders, this volume is designed to give readers confidence and enthusiasm in approaching a diverse and lively subject.

Francis Fallon is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at St. John’s University, New York. Currently, he is also the Project Director of Change Detection during Saccades, and a member of the COGITATE Consortium (both funded by Templeton World Charities Foundation). He founded and co-directs the project Representation: Past, Present, and Future, supported by the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund as part of Trinity College Dublin’s Neurohumanities program. He has published in Entropy, The Review of Philosophy and Psychology, Topoi, and the International Journal of Philosophical Studies, among other places. He also edited (with Gavin Hyman) Agnosticism: Exploration in Religious and Philosophical Thought (2020), and has been a member of the Long Island Philosophical Society’s Board of Directors since April 2016.

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Anton Alterman

Michael J. Burke

Hannah Daru

Michael S. Dauber

John F. DeCarlo

Francis Fallon

José Luis Fernández

Marie George

Chrysoula Gitsoulis

Rob Lovering

Prabhpal Singh

Glenn Statile

Aaron Franklyn Weddle

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