Site, Symbol and Cultural Landscape

This volume explores the relationship between sites, architectural symbols and cultural landscapes, and discusses a variety of issues related to the central themes of the book, providing insights into the history, as well as the present development, of cultural landscapes.

Contributors to this book—architects, architectural historians and theorists—reconsider the notion of genius loci and its importance in shaping historical landscapes in the eastern part of Europe. Despite being focused on Lithuanian historical and architectural contexts, these essays will be of interest to anyone who approaches architectural and urban legacies as part of general culture.

Transcending local realities, and providing insights into the making and destruction of cultural landscapes, the book will be useful to architects and architectural historians, as well as scholars dealing with urban and landscape issues not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the globe.

Dr Almantas Samalavičius is Professor at the School of Architecture at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania, and at Vilnius University, Lithuania. He is the author of many scholarly books, including Ideas and Structures: Essays in Architectural History (2011) and Lithuanian Architecture and Urbanism: Essays in History and Aesthetics (2019), and is the editor of more than a dozen collections of essays and anthologies, including Rethinking Architecture and the Built Environment (2017). His books, essays and articles have been translated into some 14 languages, and he serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Architecture and Urbanism.

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Kostas Biliūnas

Arnoldas Gabrėnas

Agnė Gabrėnienė

Liutauras Nekrošius

Edita Riaubienė

Almantas Samalavičius

Stasys Samalavičius

Goda Sūdžiūtė

Dalia Traškinaitė

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