Decolonizing Communication Studies

This volume examines the effects of the decolonization of communication studies. It shows that the discipline has undergone a rapid paradigm shift since the launching of the Ferment in the Field special edition of the Journal of Communication, in which scholars were called upon to rethink the field because of the crisis it was facing.

Kehbuma Langmia is Professor and Chair of the Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communication in the School of Communications at Howard University, USA. He is the author of over 40 publications, including books, book chapters, and journal articles.

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Symone Campbell

Glenda Daniels

Rita Daniels

Nickesia S. Gordon

Adamkolo Ibrahim

Kapriatta Jenkins

Presly Obukoadata

Oby Obyerodhyambo

Uchenna Onuzulike

Aisha Powell

Juliana Trammel

Melba VĂ©lez Ortiz

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