An Introduction to the Effects of Mass Media

This textbook covers the basics of media research, through which the reader will learn the advantages of scientific research over other types of knowing, and how to conduct experimental and survey research, including polling procedures. The book also presents the historical development of mass media, the nature of the audiences of each medium, the basics of various learning theories, research on children’s learning from Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, and discussion of critical thinking techniques. Also included is extensive research on how the media socializes us, encompassing studies on stereotypes presented by the media and how to offset them, eating disorders, and the prosocial effects of the media.

Roger Haney received his master’s and PhD from the Department of Communication at Michigan State University, USA. After teaching at the University of Kentucky, USA, for seven years, he taught at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Murray State University, USA, for 31 years. Whilst at Murray State University, he introduced a course on the effects of mass media which became a requirement for all majors. He has taught a total of 32 courses over the course of his career, including those on mass media law (also required for all majors at Murray State University) and research methods. During his career, he published 65 articles, book chapters, and convention papers, including articles on public opinion polling, political socialization, crime coverage, agenda-setting, and pornography.

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