Unconventional Aeronautical Investigatory Methods: The Case of Alitalia Flight AZ 112

Based on unconventional air investigation techniques, this book highlights the mysterious crash of Alitalia flight AZ 112 on 5 May 1972, which killed 115 people, and was blamed solely on pilot negligence. Its findings show the cause of the disaster was not actually related to any pilot negligence, but, rather, it was the result of a criminal act. It argues that this attack was a symptom of the geopolitical tensions in Italy and Europe in that decade.

Since 1992, Rosario Ardito Marretta has served as Professor of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics at the University of Palermo, Italy. He is a reviewer for the AIAA Journal of Aircraft, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, and Journal of Aerospace Engineering. He is also the author of a number of journal articles.

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