Accountability and Corporate Human Rights Violations in Tort and International Law

This volume identifies a coherent legal principle in order to establish a novel duty of care for corporate human rights violations and environmental damages. It examines whether tort and civil law offer better accountability and remedies for victims of corporate human rights abuses, and carries out an in-depth and critical analysis of the concept of corporate accountability. Moreover, a fundamental part of this book is devoted to examining the extent to which international criminal law influences international human rights law in its use of tort law and civil law remedies. Finally, the book sets out a theoretical mechanism for duty of care, as well as a proposal for the establishment of a ‘Hybrid International Transnational Corporation Court’ that would have the potential to effectively interpret the concept of the corporate duty of care under tort law.

Dr Emmanuel Nartey holds a PhD in International Law and Human Rights Law, and is National/Regional Director of International Youth Court UK and Researcher and Law Lecturer at Cardiff Met University, UK. He is also a member of the International Association of Psychological Scientists and a member of the Chartered Institution of Management. He served as Head of the Research Integrity and Research Ethics Committee at the International Women Initiatives. He is the author of the book My Olympic Dream and the co-author of The Successful Spirit: Top Performers Share Secrets to a Winning Mindset, and his research focuses on international law and human rights, environmental law, public and civil law, tort law, and criminal law, among others.

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