Resilience and Sustainability in Law: Theoretical and Critical Approaches

This work considers the conceptual assumptions related to the sphere of sustainability, and presents insights into the topic of resilience in this regard. It utilizes critical and logical-analytical methods, typical of philosophical disciplines, contemplating in a creative and original way various theories related to different issues connected with sustainability and resilience. The book critically examines theoretical approaches to sustainability, which are particularly evident in environmental law, bringing them into discussion with a new vision of sustainability, increasingly close to emergency scenarios. Sustainability law has grown recently, though discussions about its qualifications and its practical operations have also emerged. The book illustrates a new theoretical possibility concerning the study of resilience in this regard, criticizing some preexisting categories, and providing a new innovative, clear and linear vision of the topic.

Marco Ettore Grasso holds a PhD in Philosophy and Sociology of Law from the University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy, and Master’s degrees in Environmental Policy and Economics and Environmental Law from the University of Milan. His work focuses on environmental sustainability, law and ethics, and is the author of a number of books and papers relating to these issues.

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