Art Therapy Education: Teaching, Training, and Research

Art and artmaking are at the basis of art therapy as a healing practice. Teachers of art therapy emphasize the role of the creative process and the symbolic use of materials in the training of art therapy students. This volume suggests an innovative research approach that examines different art therapy teaching and training practices, and studies them as parts of one picture.

Dr Tami Yaguri, holds a degree in Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and is Senior Lecturer at Ono Academic College, Israel. She is a former Lecturer in the Philosophy Department of Tel-Aviv University and Head of the Master of Arts Program in Interdisciplinary Studies at Lesley University Extension, Israel. She is the author of Human Dialogue with the Absolute, Solving the Riddle of Meaning, and Unraveling Life’s Riddle.

Professor Dalia Merari is the Head of the Art Therapy Program at the Academic College of Society and the Arts, Israel. She holds an MA in Art Therapy and a PhD in Psychotherapy and Epidemiology. She is a former chairperson of the Department of Occupational Therapy at Tel Aviv University, Israel, and a former President of the Israeli Society for Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has published work in the areas of psychosomatics, art therapy and psychopathology, and creativity.

“Art Therapy Education: Teaching, Training, and Research, edited by Tami Yaguri and Dalia Merari, is a thoughtful and reflective contribution towards an understanding of some of the dimensions and directions of art therapy education. This edition draws upon the teaching experiences of faculty at Ono Academic College in Israel. This group of faculty have applied their thinking broadly about the process of educating art therapists in general while focusing on the specifics of the Israeli educational, clinical, cultural and multicultural contexts for teaching and learning. Several of the chapters offer illuminating insights into clinical work in art therapy and the differentiation between the therapeutic and educational environments, as well as the “space between”. The chapters on arts based and multicultural research are current and timely, as are the chapters on negotiating the digital space in the move from meeting in person to remote learning within the liminal space of COVID-19. This book is a welcome addition to the art therapy field.”
Vivien Marcow Speiser
Professor Emerita, Lesley University, USA

“Art therapy professors typically learn to teach through trial and error, but without formal training. To add to this on-the-job preparation, this volume offers a pedagogy that consolidates a range of experiences that formulate an approach to creative arts therapy education that is truly arts-based and discipline-specific. Both novice and senior educators will find philosophical and pragmatic considerations for engaging students in theory, practice, and research in this book. Although the examples are cultivated in Israel, professors throughout the world will find applications across the creative and expressive arts therapies.”
Jordan S. Potash, PhD, ATR-BC, REAT, LCPAT
Associate Professor of Art Therapy, George Washington University, USA

Ronit Amir

Noga Ariel-Galor

Tsiky Cohen

Anat Gilad

Hilla Haelyon

Rachel Hillel-Avraham

Debra Kalmanowitz

Aya Kats

Elana Lakh

Michal Lev

Daphna Liber

Amia Lieblich

Shevy Medzini

Gili Navoth

Yoni Schur

Lior Schur

Liat Shamri-Zeevi

Janice Shapiro

Sharon Vaisvaser

Reuma Weinberg

Hilda Wengrower

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