Exhibition Design Engineering Manual

Exhibition Design Engineering Manual

Through the analysis of typical cases, this book interprets the panorama of exhibition engineering design by means of pictures and words. Each chapter takes the most representative booths in exhibition projects as examples, and elaborates on each booth’s shape, design, production and installation, material technology, and supporting lighting, as well as audio and video. Through its discussion of the scope of the exhibition engineering, booth system, terminology, and their definitions, the text can serve as a reference book or textbook for exhibition companies and institutions of higher learning.

Xinsheng Wang is a senior engineer and a Visiting Professor at Xi’an Eurasia University, Wuhan Vocational and Technical College, and many other universities and colleges in China. He is also a member of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Chinese Convention and Exhibition Society, and has accumulated a vast amount of practical experience in the exhibition industry, which sets him apart from the traditional academic scholars in this area. He is the author of five books, including Exhibition Project and Design, which was selected as part of the Five-Year National Plan for Textbooks in China.

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