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Formal Methods in Architecture and Urbanism, Volume 2

This volume contributes to the debate on the application, in the disciplines of architecture and urbanism, of new formal methods and methodological advances based on tools from mathematics. From millennial geometry to current shape grammars, several formal approaches to architecture and urbanism are presented here, in order to look at the potentials and purposes of these formal methods, both those on the horizon and those already accomplished. This book promotes the use of formal methods in the creation of new explicit languages for problem-solving in the field. This collection of papers will help students, academics, researchers, and practitioners developing formal methods towards the digitalization of the architecture and urbanism sector.

Catarina Ruivo is a Researcher at CIAUD-FAUL, Portugal, investigating the use of advanced techniques for spatial analysis in architecture and public spaces. She is the author of a number of journal articles and book chapters.

David Leite Viana is a Researcher at ISTAR-Iscte, Portugal, and Professor in the Master Programme on Geographic Information Systems Applied to Spatial Planning, Urbanism and Landscape at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain. He is the author of one book and the editor of two volumes. He is also the author of 20 book chapters and more than 25 papers.

Franklim Morais is a Researcher at LIAD and Professor at ESAP, Portugal, studying architectural space configuration, accessibility and visibility analysis, and hardware and software systems for intelligent management of buildings, urban spaces and ‘smart’ environments. He has edited a number of books, and has published several papers and book chapters.

Jorge Vieira Vaz is a Researcher at LIAD and Professor at ESAP, Portugal, exploring taxonomies, ontologies and classification systems in the scientific fields of architecture and construction technologies, including virtual design to construction projects and BIM methodologies. He has edited a number of books, and has published several papers and book chapters.

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Patrícia Alonso

Luiz Amorim

Meta Berghauser

Emilio Bier

Filipe Brandão

Ernesto Bueno

Olindo Caso

Roberto Cavallo

Canan Colaço

Rui Colaço

Ricardo Correia

Laura Costa

Roberto D’Autilia

Sara Eloy

Larissa Gomes

Esther Gramsbergen

Teresa Heitor

Gonçalo Henriques

Janet Hetman

Patrick Janssen

Susanne Komossa

Petros Koutsolampros

Romulo Krafta

Daniel Lenz

Ana Maffini

Clarice Maraschin

Jarryer Martino

Nicola Marzot

Sérgio Mendes

Franklim Morais

Alexandra Paio

Giacomo Pala

Eliziéle Paroli

Paulo Pellegrino

Javier Poyatos

Nicolle Prado

Aida Ramirez

Alice Rauber

Amina Rezoug

Ana Rolim

Catarina Ruivo

Kerstin Sailer

Adriana Sandre

Camila Santana

Ugo Santana

Victor Sardenberg

Reem Shurush

Luísa Silva

Rudi Stouffs

Osman Sümer

Demircan Tas

Isadora Tebaldi

Mafalda Toscano

Sofia Vargas

Tasos Varoudis

Jorge Vieira Vaz

David Leite Viana

David Viana

Ye Zhang

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