Oxidative Stress Theory of Hypertension

This book provides accurate information about the scientific rationale for an increase of attention of clinicians towards the mechanisms involved in hypertension, a pathology in which it is difficult to reach optimal efficacy with the currently used treatments. The book will appeal to medical students, basic science students and biomedical researchers, as well non-medical professionals interested in this field.

Dr Ramón Rodrigo is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine in the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Chile. As a researcher in the field of oxidative stress, he has edited five books, and authored 40 book chapters and around 200 journal articles. His current line of research concerns the role of oxidative stress in cardiovascular disease.

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Raúl Castillo Astorga

Cristóbal Ávila Díaz

Lucía del Valle Batalla

Nicolás Bustos Vera

Flavia Giubergia Canepa

María Gothe Gandolfi

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Release Date: 19th October 2021

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