Broadening Perspectives in the History of Dictionaries and Word Studies

This volume brings together fifteen articles exploring the linguistic and literary foundations of lexicography and lexicology. Topics explored here include a discussion of the relationships between lexicography and ideology in China; Frisian legal language and the Deutsches Rechtswörterbuch; the history and lexicography of Faroese; Wortgeschichte digital and its relation to Grimmian tradition; the linguistic history of phonetically imitative words; and studies of Croatian, Czech, English, Greek, and Turkish historical dictionaries. The book also presents a digital and textual study on the status of eponyms across the history of the Royal Society, as well as a study of German paronym dictionaries, a modern history of bilingual Russian-Tajik terminological dictionaries, and a historical overview of the lexicography of Frisian.

The research findings and close readings by expert practitioners and historians of dictionaries and word studies found in the pages of this volume continue to broaden critical perspectives upon the study of manuscripts and print artifacts; dictionaries and standard varieties; biographies; bibliography and text analyses; dictionary production; and corpus and digital analyses.

Hans Van de Velde is Chair of Sociolinguistics at Utrecht University and Senior Researcher at the Fryske Akademy in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. He is a specialist in language variation and change, sociophonetics and standardization processes. At the Fryske Akademy, he researches the Frisian minority language, Dutch and the mixed varieties spoken in the Friesland province in the Netherlands. He is also responsible for the digital research infrastructure for Frisian and the development of Frisian language tools.

Fredric T. Dolezal is Emeritus Professor, University of Georgia, and administrator for the International Society for the History of Lexicology and Lexicography. He has written on the history and theories of linguistic semantics, philosophical grammars, and literary lexicography—especially as these linguistically-based studies raise questions concerning the dictionary as text and the literariness of literary theory.

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Güler Doğan Averbek

Chiara Benati

Chiara Bertulessi

Harald Bichlmeier

Andreas Deutsch

Fredric T. Dolezal

Maria Flaksman

Rachel Fletcher

Irena Fuková

Volker Harm

Georgia Katsouda

Abdusalom Mamadnazarov

Io Manolessou

Katrin Menzel

Ana Mihaljević

Markéta Pytlíková

Janneke Spoelstra

Petra Storjohann

Hans Van de Velde

Frits van der Kuip

Willem Visser

Kateřina Voleková

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