Climate Crisis and Sustainable Creaturely Care: Integrated Theology, Governance and Justice

This volume encapsulates the thoughts and research of academics across the globe in regards to the biggest crisis of our generation: climate change. Considering this global crisis through the lens of creation care, this volume reviews the damage we have done to our environment and how our misuse of resources threatens all forms of life on earth via food insecurity, rising sea levels, mass migration and social unrest.

This book presents a global voice on our historical impact on the world, the governance that allowed it and how creation care can present a way out of this crisis.

Dr Christina Nellist is an Eastern Orthodox Theologian, Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, and Educational Consultant in the sciences and special education. Her publications include Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Animal Suffering: Ancient Voices in Modern Theology, and she is editor and co-founder of the charity Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals and a Board Member of the Animal Interfaith Alliance.

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Obaji Agbiji

Charanjit Ajitsingh

Jennifer Brown

John Chryssavgis

Dan Cohn-Sherbok

Carlos Frederico Ramos de Jesus

Natalia Doran

Chris Fegan

Tatiana Fotina

Hanna Fotina

Patrick Ganske

Barbara Gardner

David K. Goodin

Andrew Gosler

John Griffiths

Martin Henig

Faizan Jalil

Deborah Jones

Gladys Kamasanyu

Jasmina Kimmel

Julia Koffler

Fred Krueger

John Meadley

Nitin Mehta

Elisabeth Mistlberger

Yosef Morenghi Fawcett

Bassam Nassif

Claudia Navarro

Feargus O'Connor

Eleni Panagiotarakou

Richard D Ryder

Philip Sampson

Alan Faria Andrade Silva

Milan Stehlik

Gerald Taylor

Elizabeth Theokritoff

Will Tuttle

Amy P. Wilson

Victoria Wimmer

Elias Zeintl

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