Modern Messages from Green Gables on Loving, Living and Learning: The Anne Stories

Many people have read and been inspired by the Anne of Green Gables novels. However, few may know very much about the extraordinary intuition, brilliance, creativity, and productivity of the Anne-author, Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942). Fewer still may understand how Montgomery was much ahead of her time as a feminist and an advocate for women’s roles in society—as reflected in her writings and life story.

This book encourages readers to imagine how Montgomery’s life experiences influenced “the life of Anne” and consider how these real and imaginary lives offer messages for 21st century men and women—their loving, living, and lifelong learning. It offers such understanding by revivifying Anne a little more than 100 years after she left her literary existence in 1919, to portray her life story—fundamentally tied to loving. The revivified Anne and her physician husband Gilbert Blythe, review the life, challenges, and triumphs of their creator, and how Montgomery’s example might offer messages for us on living and learning.

Anne and Gilbert know that Montgomery was a keen observer of others—akin to many of the characters in her books. They describe how Montgomery imaginatively captured the essence of the people around her. The associations include not only the benevolent individuals on her beloved Prince Edward Island and in Ontario, Canada, but also the bigotry, sexual repression, and small mindedness common in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The revivified Ann and Gilbert in this book illuminate Anne’s and Montgomery’s lives that portray integrity, tolerance, compassion, generosity, perseverance, and graciousness—even in times of personal adversity. When these traits are combined with lifelong learning, creativity, and a dedication of service to humanity, we realize enduring messages for all members of the global community in our modern times.

Bob Smith served as Provost at Texas Tech University (2009-2013) and the University of Arkansas (2000-2008), Vice Provost for Research and Graduate School Dean at the University of Connecticut (1997-2000) and Washington State University (1987-1997), Professor and Research Institute Director at the University of Texas at Austin (1974-1984), and Assistant and Associate Professor at the University of Iowa (1968-1974). He is the author of over 330 articles and 14 books on chemistry, personal and professional development, and higher education. He received his PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Michigan.

“This engaging and inventively constructed exploration of Lucy Maude Montgomery’s (LMM) Anne of Green Gables books is both a delight to the reader and instructive to our responses to the challenges of our current times. […] Reading Modern Messages from Green Gables on Loving, Living and Learning: The Anne Stories is personal (especially for those of us who were captivated in our youth by these stories), historical, and applicable to much of what is happening today. Bob Smith has mined a treasure trove of research and writing about Lucy Maud Montgomery and the connections between her books and her life experiences to bring us a thoroughly enjoyable reading and learning experience.”
Maryrose Eannace
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Jefferson Community College, SUNY; Registry Chronicles, Spring 2022

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