The Alps and Resistance (1943-1945): Conflicts, Violence and Political Reflections

What was the relationship between the Alps and the Resistance during the Italian Social Republic? This book explores the function of the Alps as a center of battles, violence, and opposition to fascism, as well as the cradle of political debate destined to forge modern Italian and European democracy.

Francesco Scomazzon holds a PhD in Contemporary History from the University of Milan. A Swiss National Science Foundation grantee, he has worked as Associated Researcher at the UniversitĂ  della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland. His studies focus on Italian emigration to Switzerland during and after World War Two, the history of the Alps, and the Italian Resistance.

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Roberta Cairoli

Sonia Castro Mallamaci

Domenico Guzzo

Elisabetta Lombi

Luca Marin

Lauretta Minoretti

Andrea Paganini

Fabrizio Panzera

Toni Ricciardi

Raphael Rues

Francesco Scomazzon

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