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Democratic Consolidation and Europeanization in Romania: A One-Way Journey or a Return Ticket?

This volume is a multi-dimensional analysis of Romania’s political, economic, cultural and societal transformation after 1989. It synthetically depicts the main stages of the processes of democratic transition and consolidation, as well as the subsequent phenomena of Europeanization, but also the series of more recent democratic setbacks that affected the Romanian society. The overall perspective is integrative, providing the reader with a balanced and complete understanding of Romania’s post-communist challenges without being spared of the most sensitive aspects. The volume gathers the contributions of some of the most distinguished experts in different sub-fields of transition studies, including political systems, societal transformations, minority rights, macro-economic dynamics, and foreign policy.

Sergiu Mişcoiu is Professor of Political Science at the Faculty of European Studies of Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania, where he serves as a Director of the Centre for International Cooperation. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Paris-Est University, a PhD in History from Babes-Bolyai University, and a habilitation in Political Science from Paris-Est University. He is also Associate Professor of the universities of Lille, Szeged (Hungary), and Cheikh Anta Diop Dakar (Senegal). He is the author of four books and 120 articles and book chapters, and edited and co-edited 18 volumes. His main research interests are constructivist and alternative theories applied to the nation-building processes, populism and the political transition and transformation in Central-Eastern Europe and Central and Western Francophone Africa.

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Ciprian Bogdan

Horatiu Dan

Ruxandra Ivan

Mircea Maniu

Levente Salat

Ovidiu Vaida

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