Engineering Applications of the Laplace Transform

This book is devoted to one of the most critical areas of applied mathematics, namely the Laplace transform technique for linear time invariance systems arising from the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering. It focuses on introducing Laplace transformation and its operating properties, finding inverse Laplace transformation through different methods, and describing transfer function applications for mechanical and electrical networks to develop input and output relationships. It also discusses solutions of initial value problems, the state-variables approach, and the solution of boundary value problems connected with partial differential equations.

Y.H. Gangadharaiah, MSc, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Mathematics of RV Institute of Technology and Management, India. He has to his credit a number of publications in both national and international journals, as well as four books. His field of specialization is fluid mechanics, convection, and applied mathematics.

N. Sandeep, MSc, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the Central University of Karnataka, India. His field of specialization is fluid mechanics, and he is the author of two books and a number of journal articles.

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