A Philosopher Looks at the Natural World: Twenty-One Acres of Common Ground

This book interweaves the author’s personal story and observations of nature, with scientific research, and philosophical reflection. It tells the story of nearly three decades of labor to ecologically restore twenty-one acres of ruined land near Dayton, Ohio. This story and what the author has observed motivate reflection on the human relationship to soil, the inner lives of animals, the intelligence of plants, and human psychology. The book advances the case for the intelligence and kinship of all living things, an ethic of respect for life, and the need to radically rethink how human societies live on Earth.

Daniel C. Fouke is Professor Emeritus at the University of Dayton, USA. He has authored numerous books and articles on early modern, environmental, and political philosophy.

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ISBN: 1-5275-7308-7

ISBN13: 978-1-5275-7308-6

Release Date: 17th August 2021

Pages: 230

Price: £61.99