Apocalyptic Visions in the Anthropocene and the Rise of Climate Fiction

With the increasing interest of pop culture and academia towards environmental issues, which has simultaneously given rise to fiction and artworks dealing with interdisciplinary issues, climate change is an undeniable reality of our time. In accordance with the severe environmental degradation and health crises today, including the COVID-19 pandemic, human beings are awakening to this reality through climate fiction (cli-fi), which depicts ways to deal with the anthropogenic transformations on Earth through apocalyptic worlds as displayed in works of literature, media and art. Appealing to a wide range of readers, from NGOs to students, this book fills a gap in the fields of literature, media and art, and sheds light on the inevitable interconnection of humankind with the nonhuman environment through effective descriptions of associable conditions in the works of climate fiction.

Kübra Baysal holds a PhD, MA, and BA in English Literature, and works as a Lecturer at the School of Foreign Languages of Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey. She received her MA from the English Language and Literature Department of Atatürk University, Turkey, in 2013 and her PhD from the English Language and Literature Department of Hacettepe University, Turkey, in January 2019. Her main fields of interests are climate fiction, apocalypse fiction, Doris Lessing, feminism, environmental studies, the Victorian novel, and the contemporary novel. She is the author of a number of translations, book chapters, and research articles.

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Emily Arvay

Risha Baruah

Niğmet Çetiner

Onur Ekler

Andrew Erickson

Işıl Şahin Gülter

Murat Kabak

Elvan Karaman

Anastasia Logotheti

Roma Madan-Soni

Seher Ozsert

Manasvini Rai

Sukanya B. Senpati

Pinar Sut Gungor

Adrian Tait

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