Re-examining Arthur Conan Doyle

This collection re-examines the works and life of Arthur Conan Doyle from multiple disciplinary perspectives. It proposes new ways of studying Conan Doyle, and considers overlooked or neglected aspects of his oeuvre, offering fresh perspectives on the multiple genres of his fiction and his relationship to contemporary writers and movements.

Nils Clausson is Professor Emeritus at the University of Regina, Canada. He has published widely on Victorian and Modern English literature, including articles on Disraeli, Arnold, Dickens, Gaskell, Wilde, Conrad, and Lawrence. He is the author of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Art of Fiction: A Revaluation (2018).

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Gordon Bates

Nils Clausson

Sheldon Goldfarb

Benoit Guilielmo

Kate Holterhoff

Nicholas Ruddick

Adrian Tait

Catherine Wynne

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Release Date: 8th September 2021

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