Identity and Nation in 21st Century Catalonia: El Procés

This volume offers an overview of the ongoing debate regarding nationalism, globalisation, secessionism and languages in 21st century Catalonia. At the heart of the book is a set of interlocking questions relating to socio-political issues in sub-state nations seeking independence in the 21st century.

Steven Byrne completed his PhD at the School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics of the University of Limerick, Ireland. His research examines the symbolic and functional role of both Catalan and Spanish in articulating a sense of modern-day Catalan identity against the backdrop of the independence movement.

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Mario Alvarez Fuentes

Sergi Auladell Fauchs

Guillem Belmar

Aleida Bertran

Ruan Bouwer

Steven Byrne

Liesl Drew

Carles Ferreira

Kim Hoeks

Mandie Iveson

Dorian Kroqi

Tilman Lanz

Martin Lepic

Jianna Marin

Marcos Martínez-Solanilla

Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado

Anna Tudela-Isanta

Andrea Wagner

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